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Working Title The Masquerader: LGBTQ, Crime Original Graphic Novel set in Regency

Set in early 19th century England, The Masquerader follows Prudence Ward and Arabella Setton and explores the intersecting worlds of gender, class, and crime amidst the backdrop of a Regency England undergoing crisis. Anticipated 2025 publication.

The Masquerader

The Mask of Haliya, Issue #2: "Trace of the Past" Cover Art

"A grisly murder in the forest… Strangers arriving in the night… As a sense of foreboding looms over the Reyes clan, Mari learns more about her mysterious cousin Isla, who appears to have secrets of her own…" Released by Kwento Comics in 2022.

Kwento Comics Cover

The Mask of Haliya Graphic Novel Omnibus Volume 1: "Trace of the Past" Cover Art

Set in the mystical realm of Filipino folklore, The Mask of Haliya follows the epic journey of Marisol "Mari" Reyes as she confronts dark forces and unearths her true destiny. Among Kwento Comics' exciting releases is their debut graphic novel, a remarkable milestone for the company. It will feature all current issues (#1-5) and cover art along with a glossary." Exclusively released at San Diego Comic Con 2023.

Mask of Haliya Omnibus Graphic Novel Cover
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